Hike to dinosaur footprints at Emosson dam | Switzerland

Photo of Emosson dinosaur footprints at Vieux-Emosson dam, Valais, Switzerland

Ancient reptile tracks & two beautiful lakes | Thrilling mountain train option

Medium loop hike (T2)

OK, so the footprints aren’t really those of dinosaurs — they are actually from primitive reptiles that predate the “terrible lizards”. At 240 million years old, these are the oldest fossil vertebrate tracks in Switzerland. They are not as obvious as I had imagined (hoped?) — but the area is very beautiful, with two high dams (Lac de Emosson and Lac du Vieux-Emosson) and views of the Mont Blanc massive. If you have time, you can also add three quirky mountain train rides to your day.

To be sure of seeing the footprints, go after mid-July — otherwise they may still be under snow. Guides are present in late July/August to provide information about the site.

The hike described here is a loop; see the nearby mountain fun section for other options.

► Emosson dinosaur footprints loop hike | 12.5 km | 760 m ↑↓ | T1T2

Practical info

Getting there & away

The dinosaur footprints hike starts and ends at Lac d’Emosson (or Emosson dam), in the Swiss canton of Valais/Wallis. The lake is only accessible by road and public transport between mid-May to mid-October.

You can drive up to the Emosson dam or take a train to the village of Finhaut, followed by a bus. Alternatively, take the three mountain trains operated by VerticAlp Emosson from the village of Le Châtelard.

Directions to Emosson dam on Google maps
VerticAlp Emosson timetable & fare info (English, French, German, Korean)

What to bring

You don’t need any special equipment to do the hike in summer or early autumn. You may need mountaineering skis or snowshoes in winter and early spring. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather, take enough food and water, and don’t forget sun protection.

► Packing list | Day hike


You’ll find a car park, small tourist center and gift shop at the Emosson dam, as well as a restaurant with two apartments to rent for the night. The mountain hut at above Lac de Vieux-Emosson offers dormitory sleeping and a restaurant.

Restaurant du Barrage d’Emmoson website (French)
Cabane du Vieux-Emosson website (French)

Dangers & annoyances

The hike is not particularly dangerous in good weather, but be aware of:

  • Sunburn
  • Heat stroke/dehydration
  • Stomach bugs & parasites in lake water
  • Hypothermia/exposure

Trail description & map: Emosson dinosaur footprints

The trail is clear, well marked, and not too steep or exposed. It starts as a paved road from Emosson dam to Lac du Vieux-Emosson (T1) then becomes a mountain trail for the rest of the way (T2). There may be some snow on the track in early summer, but you should be able to cross it with regular hiking shoes.

Medium loop hike

Emosson dam – Lac du Vieux-Emosson – dinosaur footprints – Gorge de la Veudale – Emosson dam

Highest point: 2,500 m 
Height gain: approx 760 m
Trail level: T1T2
Technical details: a bit steep in parts, some drop-offs in the gorge

Distance: 12.5 km

From the car park at Emosson dam, cross the dam wall then follow the road to the Lac du Vieux-Emosson. Walk around the left shore on the trail, which climbs up the mountainside at the end of lake. Turn right along the trail to Le Cheval Blanc to see the dinosaur footprints. The fossil tracks are protected by rails and there are panels explaining the site. Go back to the junction and continue to the right up to a pass, then descend through the Gorge de la Veudale back to Emosson dam.

► Download gpx

Nearby mountain fun

Eating & sleeping

There are a few eating and sleeping options in and around Le Châtelard, including dome tents in the VerticAlp attraction park. There are many places to eat and sleep in nearby Martigny and Chamonix.

Other hiking options

You can extend the loop to include Lac Vert and the Col de la Terrasse after viewing the footprints — zoom in on the map above to see the trails.

For an easier walk, follow the trails along either side of the Emosson dam. According to SwissMobility, the trails do not go the whole way around.

The long-distance 6 “Alpine Passes” trail includes a section along the Emosson dam and down to Le Châtelard.

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